need help with SafeDelete

Keith Muska kmuska at
Wed May 24 17:23:47 GMT 2000

Hello Samba Gurus

I found a program that I think may be usefull if I can get it to work with 
Samba.  I am using RedHat 6.2 and I found a program included with the 
PowerTools called safedelete-1.3.  I read the man page for safedelete and 
it mentions creating a system alias "alias rm='/usr/bin/safedelete'"  so 
when you use rm to delete a file it will get backed up to a specified 
folder. This works fine, So now I am wondering what actually happens when a 
Samba client deletes a file? And is there any way to have the safedelete 
program handle the deleted file instead of letting Samba handle it.

Any Info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,

Keith Muska
Clements Manufacturing, L.L.C.
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