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Peter Samuelson peter at cadcamlab.org
Wed May 24 17:16:26 GMT 2000

[Troy.Heady at fritolay.com <Troy.Heady at fritolay.com>]
> If there a way to may samba "handle" files like ftp does during ascii
> transfers.  Changing the ^m to unix end of line markers

It's a FAQ, the answer being that it wouldn't be easy, it wouldn't be
efficient and nobody seems very interested in doing it.

There arises the question of how Samba is supposed to tell whether a
file is to be sent/received in ASCII mode versus leave-the-@#$%-alone
mode.  Unlike FTP, there isn't an SMB primitive for specifying this.
The Linux FAT filesystem code once had some "autodetect" logic based on
file extensions which I believe was unceremoniously dropped not long
before the Linux 2.2 release, because it was too easy for it to make
mistakes.  Silent data corruption is generally considered a Bad Thing.

One possible answer is that you could have a per-share smb.conf parm
that would say "all files are ASCII".  This could conceivably be
useful, as you would only turn it on for shares where you know the data 
really *is* all ASCII.

Your patch to this end would definitely be welcome to at least some
people.  (Whether the Powers That Be are interested in that sort of
thing, I do not know.)  Getting it right without corrupting data one
place or another, now that's another story, so good luck.

Failing that, the workaround most often suggested is "use Wordpad, not
Notepad".  It seems Wordpad can work with Unix-line-formatted files.


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