What's Up?

James Kreuziger jkreuzig at massun.peds.mc.uci.edu
Tue May 23 20:33:37 GMT 2000

I'm at a loss here as to whom I should send this to.  
I guess the mailing list is my last resort.

I'm having problems with keeping my samba listserv 
subscription.  I've been unsubscribed three (3) times 
to the samba listserv, all without my knowledge or 
permission.  On the listproc web interface, it says to 
send listserv questions to samba-bugs at samba.org.  When 
I send to that email address, I get a message back 
saying that samba-bugs has been shut down.  

I WANT to stay subscribed to the listserv.  I just 
can't seem to keep on the mailing list.  

Anybody help?


Jim Kreuziger
jkreuzig at uci.edu

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