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I know this is off topic, but I've come to the conclusion that the only
people who can answer my question is other Samba users...

I would like to deploy on our network a centrally administered antivirus

program.  We're running Win98 machines doing NT type logins to Samba
on a RedHat 6.1 box.

It seems that as I have researched antivirus programs which can be
administered, some require to run as a NT service.  The only exception
far that I have found to this is F-PROT.  F-PROT allows us to set up a
central "communication directory" wich it stores updates for the clients
download and acts as a central communication point between users and
administrators.  This is no problem as I will just set up a share on
to do this.

I'm reasonably happy with F-PROT (though the scheduler doesn't seem to
on the trial version for some reason), but I thought I should do some

Does anyone know of any other alternatives that work well with Samba?
Calling around to various Sales desks has yielded little more than the
"it works with NT". :-(

Kind regards,

Donovan R. Palmer, Operations Manager
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We run Network Associates Mcafee software on all our PC's, Linux and
Solaris machines.

We use a tw tier set up where we scan all files stored on the file
server several times daily as a batch job.
All Pc's are also installed with the software. This catches most viruses
before they become a problem.
The PC software can be then configured to do an autoupdate from a any
ftp server (*nix,NT etc), this
keeps the network fairly virus free. We use a cron job that runs each
night to update the *nix boxes.
I can provide detailis and scripts if needed.


Scott Lawson
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