Postscript Printing Problems.

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Mon May 22 15:58:55 GMT 2000

Chris Hardy wrote:
> "Stephen F. Bosch" wrote:
> >
>  >
> > > The 4MP is a postscript.  For the most part, when I print the windows
> > > test page, I get the windows graphic, and then some way oversized
> > > letters, plusses and dollar signs.  It's really starting to frustrate
> > > me.
> >
> > If neither driver will work then you should try a generic PostScript
> > driver, like the one for the Apple Laserwriter 380.
> >
> > Tell me, what happens when you specify a generic PostScript printer on
> > the Linux box?
> It will print postscript just fine on the linux box, but when I print
> from samba, it creates a garbage test page.

Here's a test you might find worth a shot:-

Print a page from the Windows client to a file. You should be left with
just a file of the postscript commands. Then, you can just copy this
file directly to the printer, and you should get a page of text. Try
this both from Windows and linux - directly connect the printer to each
machine, and copy the file directly to the port. If the output you get
is bad in both cases, then it's the Windows driver that is generating
bad Postscript, and you should consider a generic PS driver, as a
previous poster suggested. If it's OK from Windows, but bad from Linux,
it could be that your print filter is doing nasty things to the job. If
that's the case, I'd suggest using ifhp - The ifhp
package is a great filter for HP printers - I'm serving several HP
printers (one is a 4MV using PostScript drivers) using this and lprng,
via Samba.



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