Postscript Printing Problems.

Rostedt, Steven steven.rostedt at
Mon May 22 15:00:03 GMT 2000

I had a little problem printing to postscript from Windows 
on my RedHat box before too.  But I don't know if it 
is the same problem, but I will write just in case it is.

The garbage you get from the printer, is it postscript?

I found that the filter RedHat uses tests to see if the 
the file is postscript from the first few characters otherwise
it will translate the ascii file into a postscript layout so
the printer can understand.  But the MS driver for
my printer prepended some control characters specific 
for the printer which caused the filter to mistakenly translate
the file to postscript.  So I had a postscript output with

To solve this, I created another entry in the printcap
file that had no filter.  A "raw" printer. Then I added
this printer to the Windows machine and tried again.
The print out was perfect.

Another thing you might want to do to debug this, 
is create a printer with "lp=/tmp/lpfile" and have 
Windows write to that. That way you can see what
windows is sending by examining the /tmp/lpfile output.

Hope this helps.

Steven Rostedt

> "Stephen F. Bosch" wrote:
> > 
>  >
> > > The 4MP is a postscript.  For the most part, when I print the windows
> > > test page, I get the windows graphic, and then some way oversized
> > > letters, plusses and dollar signs.  It's really starting to frustrate
> > > me.
> > 
> > If neither driver will work then you should try a generic PostScript
> > driver, like the one for the Apple Laserwriter 380.
> > 
> > Tell me, what happens when you specify a generic PostScript printer on
> > the Linux box?
> It will print postscript just fine on the linux box, but when I print
> from samba, it creates a garbage test page.
> > 
> > -Stephen-
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