samba->windows->cache, problem !!!

tbsky_lee at tbsky_lee at
Fri May 19 02:17:19 GMT 2000

 My samba and i got problem below :

   windows client map samba share as P:
   and a file "kk" locate at P:

   1. at windows
       P:>copy kk c:\
   2. at samba server
        #echo abc >> kk (let kk modified at server..)
   3. at windows
       P:>dir kk   (now we can see the file size and date are changed)
   4. at windows
       P:>copy kk c:\ (copy new kk to replace old kk)

   step 4 can not copy the changed "kk" file to c:\. it still copy the old "kk"
   to c:\

  it seems the windows don't know "kk" is changed. and still cache the old
  data ??

   i try to use dos 6.22 as samba client. (use ms-lanmanager)
   and it is good. no problem..

   how could i do the solve this problem ??
   This is a big problem for us. becasue we may use the old
   data istead of new one. it is terrible ....
   thanks for ur help !!!

   Best Regards,

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