Connection failure with high transfer volume

Randolph S. Kahle RandyKahle at
Thu May 18 23:51:06 GMT 2000

I am new to Samba and I have installed version 2.0.7 on RedHat Linux 6.1 
(with kernel upgrade to 2.2.14-12).

The system seems to working relatively OK with one exception.

When I do a large copy from Windows98 or Windows2000 I find that the 
connection to the share is "disconnected". By large, I am transfer hundreds 
of Megabytes to several Gigabytes of files to the Samba server.

I have used several "clients" on Windows2000 to do the transfer, and the 
results are the same (xcopy, windows explorer copy, Norton File manager for 
NT directory "sync" copy).

I have tried using several levels of logging and reading through them, it 
may be possible that running up against a fileopen limit?

One error message that I was able to pull out of the logs was:

Server exit (caught signal).

I compiled with --with-automount --with-smbmount and --with-pam

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can track down the cause of this 



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