Question on SMB in place of NFS

Sid VanHouten CT90 svanhout at
Thu May 18 15:02:18 GMT 2000

Could you be a little more specific on the issues you have having with HP NFS?
We are trying to use HP/CIFS(samba) and are having a good bit of trouble.  In
particular, very poor performance on connecting to automounted file systems.
Best I can tell at this point, only automounted file systems from HP 
workstations.  Sun/Samba combination works ok in the same environment.

Sid V.
> Hello, I have been using samba for many years and find it solid and reliable 
> However we are experiencing problems between our HP unix servers running NFS
> because of the way RPC is used as the underlying basis if NFS. I would like to
> know if any plans are a foot to provide a smbfs implementation on other 
> then just Linux. If there are non I would be willing to take the source and 
> in the development of this type of functionality. Your imput will be welcomed.
> Clive Talbutt
> Senior Systems Administrator
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