root preexec & 2.0.7

William Jojo jojowil at
Thu May 18 13:50:20 GMT 2000

I a have a problem resulting from a neat tool I developed through the use of the
"root preexec" option:

This is done in the [homes] section of smb.conf.

I launch a shell script with the user name (%u) and machine name (%m). The shell
calls a C program to check the users quota and returns a code as the percentage
of quota used.

Meanwhile, all output of the C program has been captured to a temp file to be
displayed to the user via "smbclient" WinPopup message indicating they are
approaching their limit if they meet or exceed 85%.

My problem is this: It works wonderfully, except it seems to be exibiting a
"root postexec" because I get a beep at logoff, and the next user sees the
buffered WinPopup message from the previous user.

I have *no* "root postexec" clause at all.

Any help would be wonderful - I can't see it!



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