smbmount - what permissions? (again)... one solution

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Tue May 16 09:22:18 GMT 2000


I have found a solution on an other news group : uk.comp.os.linux
There is a set of messages with the
subject "Ordinary user to mount SAMBA share"
You can read the content of that uk.comp.os.linux group
through the web, the URL is

In one of the message the author wrote
"After, further test. I find smbmount, unlike mount,
requires the user owns the mount_point..."

In another message I found
"... Samba assume you have identical username on both local and remote
machines. If this note the case you need to specify
a option to tell remote username. However, none other
than root is allowed to mount (same as smbmount) with option.
So you either (1)  synchronyze username on linux and nt boxes;
or (2) have a fstab entry for the nt share and use mount
instead of smbmount"...

So I have sastified three conditions for my users can
(smb)mount their personnal  disk space from  a NT server

    1) smbmount and smbmnt files have 's' bit,
    2) user owns the mount point,
    3) linux account and nt account have their username synchronyzed

I hope, this will help other people...

Jacques Landru

P.S. Suggestion : May be these three conditions can be included
in a future version of the smbmount man pages
or in a smbmount FAQ.

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> Hello
> >Hello,
> >I am trying to give some users on a Linux machine the ability to mount
> >shares from an NT server. Eventually I would like them to be able to do
> >this with a gui tool like LinNeighborhood, but for now I am trying to
> >get the smbmount command working.
> >
> >I can mount the shares while logged in as root, but when I try logged in
> >as the user, I get an cannot mount on /mnt/userdir: Operation Not
> >Permitted error. The user has RWX permission to the /mnt/userdir
> >directory and can otherwise manipulate files there. I am using:
> >
> >smbmount //servername/sharename /mnt/userdir -U username
> >
> >As I said, this works if I log in as root and use any of the usernames
> >I've set up. This is smbmount 2.05a. What permissions do these users
> >need to mount the network share?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Parker Dubberke
> >Network Administrator
> >501 Studios
> >Austin, Texas
> Same for me.
> My linux kernel is 2.2.14 (Mandrake V 7.0)
> Personal user disk space (for NT or LINUX) is on  a SAN
> (Storage Area Network),  the front end server of this SAN is
> an NT server. What I plan to do is to "smbmount" the home
> dir of  the linux accounts from a SMB share on the SAN.
> Untill now smbmount doesn't work for non root user.
> Error message is :
>       cannot mount on /mnt/smb_share: Operation not permitted
>       smbmnt failed: 1
>       mount.smbfs: ioctl failed, res=-1
>       Could not umount /mnt/smb_share: Invalid argument
> smbmount, smbmnt have SUID bit
> What permission is missing ?
> Any help
> Thanks
> Jacques Landru
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