Samba w/ WAN.

Peter Samuelson peter at
Mon May 15 23:10:18 GMT 2000

[Jason C. Leach <jleach at>]
> I'm going to be setting up Samba with a WAN and VPN.  On one end of
> the network (my end) it will be Samba on a Linux box and some NT and
> 98 PCs.  On the other end of the WAN it will be Windows only.

If by "Windows only" you are excluding NT, you may have trouble.  Each
broadcast domain (i.e. the limits of how far broadcast packets travel)
needs its own local browse master.  Legend has it that your
garden-variety Windows box can't do that.  Others say they can do it
just fine.

> I'd like to know if we need to be able to route anything other than
> TCP packages.  Like NetBIOS or something else Windows may use.

NetBIOS runs *on top* of TCP/IP, so no, there's nothing else to route.
It actually uses UDP as well as TCP, but I assume you meant that too.

The difficulty will be in browsing.  You want to minimize traffic
across the WAN, so just making one huge broadcast domain (i.e. IP
switching) is probably a bad idea.  Ergo, you'll want to set up a WINS
server.  (Nothing to it, just one smb.conf parameter and one dhcpd.conf


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