network access denied

Clark, Daniel B. (ITSC) daniel.clark at
Mon May 15 16:19:20 GMT 2000

I have SAMBA installed on three AIX servers with approx. 25 users
with smb mounts.  I'm trying to add a mount to an existing user and having
problems.  He's currently has several smb connections from his WIN98
desktop, but when I try to add another mount, I get a message "network
access denied."  I have verified that he has access to the server, had him
match his AIX password with his NT Network password, temporarily opened my
'hosts Allow' from class C to class B masks, checked his password setup
within NT, making sure it is the one being passed to the server, and
verified that his other smb mounts are functioning properly.  I've got most
of my 25+ users connected to this mount with no problems; it's just this one
client that has the problem.

I'm at a loss what to check next, any suggestions?

Dan Clark
Senior Computer Development Consultant
Rose International/Indian Health Service
Albuquerque, NM

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