Announcement of Samba 2.0.7 Japanese Edition(beta)

Hiroshi MIURA miura at
Sun May 14 14:58:50 GMT 2000

Hello all, 

We anounce a Samba Japanese edition. Please check it. 

        RELEASE NOTE for Samba 2.0.7 Japanese Beta Edition

                                         Samba Users Group Japan

We proudly announce the Samba 2.0.7 Japanese Beta edition, which
supports the internationalization(I18N) of SWAT: Samba Web
Administration Tool.

We strongly propose the new SWAT I18N implementation. Please check
and include it in Samba 2.0.8.

This version is shipped as the Japanese edition. But precisely, it
should be called a MUCH MORE ADVANCED I18N and L10N implementation

This version is still beta because it is tested by few developers and
users in Japan.


--What's new on Samba 2.0.7-ja from 2.0.7

This version is based on Samba 2.0.7, and implemented the experimental
internationalized SWAT and the fine facility on Japanese. 

a.  Internationalization of SWAT: Samba Web Administration Tool. 

    We proudly release the internationalized SWAT. Many thanks to 
    Mr. Kawahara, a great contributor of this product.

    To use this feature, you should configure Samba with some
    options (see Hint section) and set your browser. You should set
    the "language" of your browser's property with your primary
    language, that is for example "en" or "ja", or the others. 
    Note that we've prepared only Japanese catalog data now.
    To add your language catalog, please look at the URL below: (sorry, currently under

b.  fine facility on Japanese

    We added the functionality of code conversion on the machine
    dependent characters and user defined codes. And we also added the
    JIS (JIS is one of Japanese codeset) Russian alphabet handling.


It is completely upper compatible to Samba 2.0.7. However, please pay
attention when you have used particular Japanese characters, not
supported in the prior versions.

This compatibility issue occurs in the machine dependent characters
and user defined characters because of the incompleteness of the
localization in the prior versions. 

In the prior versions these characters may be stored in the code
different between versions. And in most of prior versions some of
them were treated as control characters.

Now we've just supported them.

But you have to take care of using this version if you have used these
characters in the prior versions. About such characters, it is
basically impossible to take matching between versions.

We report this problem to SAMBA Team and hope to fix it.

In addition, if you have used old Japanese edition, Samba 2.0.5a-JP1
and Samba 2.0.5a-JP2, you should carefully operate to migrate them to
Samba 2.0.7-ja. The documents about migration are now written in only
Japanese, anyone wants them in English version? :-)


On the platforms which has GNU gettext(eg. Linux, etc), you can do
configure like

# ./configure --with-i18n-swat 

On the other one (Sun Solaris, HP-UX, etc), you should configure like

# ./configure --with-i18n-swat --with-included-gettext

We included the rpm spec file (packaging/RedHat/samba2.ja.spec) in
this archive.

-- Tested environments

This version is compiled and briefly tested under these OS and

  TurboLinux 4.2 (Linux-2.2.14 with glibc 2.0.7)
  Debian 2.2 (Linux-2.2.14 with glibc 2.1)
  FreeBSD 3.2 and 3.4
  Solaris 8 for SPARC with gcc-2.95.1
  HP-UX 10.20 with gcc-2.8.1
  SunOS 4.1.3 with gcc-2.8.1
And under them, it cannot work yet.
  RedHat 6.1 for Alpha (Linux-2.2.13 with glibc-2.1.2)

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