Help (VB Database on Linux)

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Fri May 12 23:47:40 GMT 2000

Samba provides windows machines with file, print and authentication
services only, it cannot make your visual basic program run on linux.  
You can however run your visual basic program on a local computer, with
the database (and program) stored on a network drive (provided by
Or you can install PostgreSQL ( to run the database
on the server, using ODBC to access it from your visual basic program. 
(This is completely unrelated to samba).  
To run windows programs on linux see wine (, again this
is unrelated to samba.

Francisco Peralta oriega leon22 wrote:
>           Please, can give me information of the
>           installation of Samba 2.0 and
>           how make that a database in visual Basic run in
>           linux (is whit
>           Samba?).
>           is for do it a proyect of my school.
>           that´s all for the moment tank you.
>           Sorry but I speak a little of english and don´t
>           write good too.
>           Consigue tu dirección de email gratis y permanente
>           en http://WWW.LETTERA.NET

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