WINS server and proxy

Chris Giard cgiard at
Fri May 12 14:46:21 GMT 2000

Hello.  I was wondering if it was possible to have Samba act as a WINS server
for a local network, but if a query for a machine name fails, have it fall
back and do a proxy to a different WINS server.  If this isn't possible now,
does anyone know if it is a planned feature?  The main use I can think of
would be for a home network (with some VPN clients), connected to a work LAN
via another VPN tunnel.  Since I don't want my friends machines to have VPN
access to the work LAN, just using work's WINS server isn't an option.  Also,
since I want my friends to be able to see each other (even with their dynamic
IPs from the cable modem), I have to have a WINS server somewhere on my VPN.
Any ideas?

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