SAMBA digest 2519

Donald E. Hammond dhammond at
Thu May 11 13:08:45 GMT 2000

Looks like the name 'xunil' isn't getting resolved to an IP number. 
This isn't a samba problem, but a basic configuration issue.  Assuming
your name resolution configuration looks at /etc/hosts first (1), you
need to add an entry to that file.  Something like:   xunil.<your domain>   xunil

(1) look in /etc/host.conf for a line like:

order hosts bind


 - Don

Tiago Goulart wrote:
> Hi
> My name is Tiago Goulart (Portugal)
> I've installed SuSE 6.4 (kernel 2.2.14)
> and SAMBA 2.0.6
> I have a problem : when I do something like this:
> ping it is ok, it tells me the delay etc, but, when I dot
> this:
> ping xunil  ;it says
> ping: unknown host: xunil , but xunil is, it should give
> me the same thing!
> The same thing happens in everithing else like:
> smbclient -L xunil
> I must ust allways the ip number, but in RedHat 6.2 this worked! Now
> i've just configured everything (i think ) and doesn't work!
> My hostname is allegro, and when i do:
> ping allegro or ambclient -L allegro, works just fine, but to the other
> computers in the net, this just don't work.
> any ideas?

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