network connection crashes on Win95

Carsten Nordstrøm Jensen north at
Thu May 11 12:35:41 GMT 2000

I maintain a network with a linux Redhat 6.0 server running Samba 2-0-6
and with Win95 and Win98 clients.

The network connection to the Win95 clients crashes when copying large
files (say 40 Mb) or when running programs that write similar large
files. The error ONLY APPEARS on the Win95 clients -- the Win98 clients
do not experience the problem.

Nothing is written in the samba log during the crash. If I increase the
debug level to 5 or above THE PROBLEM DISAPPEARS!

Inspired by advices from David Collier-Brown I have tried increasing the
oplock break wait time parameter up to a value of 4000 (!) without any

Please! Any suggestions are appreciated.

- Carsten

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