some win machines see samba, some not.

ADAM Sulmicki adam at
Thu May 11 00:50:10 GMT 2000

	I have this big problem which bothers me for past week(s).
	I have setup a simple samba network on win95 only net and 
	it worked fine.

	This time I try to setup a samba on a network having win98
	WinNT 4.0 sp4 and WinNT4.0 WS SP 5.

	I believe all machines are on the same local net.

	I have tried both samba 2.0.5a (RH6.1 default) as well as 
	samba 2.0.7.

	I can use 'smbclient' on host itself to list shares as well to
	connect to a share.

	I CAN also use another Linux box on totally different net to 
	connect to the SAMBA on the box in the question (using FQHN)
	and I can login into share and list the files.

	NOW, the problem, none of the machines on the net except WinNT 
	WS SP5 (one machine) can see the sama server in network neight.
	I have tried 'net use g: \\smbsrv\share' but it would not work
	for me either :-(

	I don't think WINS is used there.

	I'm totally out of ideas, and looking over samba archives it seems
	that most of the post with word 'see' seems be ignored :-(

Adam	The Supreme Headquarters of the 32 bit registers

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