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Ralph Schuster ralph.schuster at
Wed May 10 14:34:03 GMT 2000

oops I put my mail in the wrong discussion group.

I have running Samba 2.0.6 resp. 2.0.7 on AIX4.2.1 and HPUX 10.20.
I got unix password sync work.
However, this needs a change in chgpasswd.c. This will affect not only
AIX and HP-UX, resp.

I will append my original message below.

--------------------------------- original

Hi all,
NT - unix password synchronisation works for AIX 4.21,
if one performs some (hopefully) minor changes in the source file

I tried to configure "unix password sync" for samba 2.0.6 on a RS6000
with AIX 4.21.
However, looking in the log file - with log level 100 - it seemed that
doesn't chat with the unix passwd program.

The problem was hidden in the function "dochild", where the function

        ioctl(slave, I_PUSH, "ldterm");

in line 137 causes an (uncontrolled) interrupt.

After commenting this line out, the problem disappeared.

I think this problem will affect several unix dialects.

I'm not a specialist in programming user-kernel process communications,
so I don't know whether I opened some holes.
Can anybody tell me something? 

At Last a hint:
There will be a ADMCHG flag in /etc/security/passwd if root changes a
password of a user.
This causes the user to change his password when he logs in.
My personal solution to circumvent this annoying feature is by adding
the lines

        #ifdef AIX
                pstrcat(passwordprogram,"; pwdadm -c ");

to the source code. The shell command "pwdadm -c" removes all (!!) flags
for the user in

Sorry for putting this mail to this place, but I don't know where the
best place is for it.

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