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Thilo Ganzhorn ganzhorn.thilo at la.bfz.de
Wed May 10 11:13:54 GMT 2000

Dear Samba-Team,

I've been browsing your Homepage during my lunchhour and came over the part where you ask how we like your work. Well, I'm sorry to say that I know to little about what you do exactly but please let me tell you this: There was a time when I used to think Windows was good for you, until I started working with it in my job. Today I am a little bit smarter and yesterday I started putting together a Linux-Samba-Server, simply because I am not willing or able fo afford NetWare or NT.

Like I said; all this Linux-Samba-stuff is terribly new to me, and I am certainly in no position to be able to judge your work. What I do know, is that it at least seems to me, as though it were very important, that there are people like you. And although I'm not sure, if I'm going to get this thing here to work, I just wanted to let you know that you do make things happen, even here in Landshut, Bavaria, Germany, where I am writing to you from.

Thilo Ganzhorn
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