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Tue May 9 23:40:04 GMT 2000


I haven't been monitoring the list lately, so I'm not sure if this one has been discussed or not; here goes:

I've had samba (both 1.9.18p10 and now 2.0.5) binaries (usually RedHat rpms) and built-myself-from source running on our network for some time now, with win95/98 clients and one NT4SP3 workstation.  Other than my own occasional glitch, everything works fine, now that I convinced my new boss to tell the PC-LAN guy to remove NetBlooie from the few remaining machines (yay! victory!).

However, one of our east coast counterparts moved out here, and they sent her NT machine with her.  The above PC-LAN guy claims to have the network stuff configured exactly like our own NT4SP3 machine, but it doesn't work.  The TCP/IP part works, and Find Computer works (by NetBIOS name).  (I have my 2.0.5 samba box set as browse-master/WINS server)

However, NetHood has nothing in it, thus, the printer config stuff doesn't show any printers, other than our HP8100 (which is directly on the network).  I also have a RH5.2/samba 1.9.18 print-server running with misc. printers.

Everything else works fine, except that damn NT box (and I know next to nothing about NT).  I checked the browsing docs in the samba package, but no joy.

Anybody have any hints (besides "nuke the NT partition")??

Thanks in advance, Steve

Stephen L. Arnold
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