"domain user map"

Hans Adamse J.Adamse at let.kun.nl
Tue May 9 09:48:34 GMT 2000


I have 2 questions:

1) I wanted to use the parameter "domain user map", mentioned in the 
documentation of smb.conf (23 Oct 1998), but this parameter seems to be 
obsolete, because it doesn't work any more and is also not mentioned in the 
documentation of smb.conf (2.0.6 of 11 Nov 1999). Is there an other way to 
equate unix-users to Windows-NT-users?

2) Some users must have access to more than one samba-share on a 
linux-machine. Those shares belong to different linux-users. How is it 
possible connect from one PC to different shares?

Thanks in advance!

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