question re: samba on Digital UNIX 4.0d

Kittel, John John.Kittel at
Mon May 8 23:45:51 GMT 2000

Hi everyone,

I'm going to try to install samba on a Compaq (Digital) alphaserver 400
running Digital UNIX 4.0d (formerly OSF/1). I've never used samba before. I
have been reading the documentation and wonder if anyone can help answer a
question or two...

The bundled book "Using Samba" (as well as at least one FAQ I believe),
suggests I may need to run the configure script using the --with-dfs option
in order to get support for the DFS file system for OSF/1. It also says DFS
is a later version of something called AFS, from Carnegie Mellon University.

This is confusing for a couple reasons. 1) It hasn't been called OSF/1 for
quite some time. 2) I don't think Digital UNIX (now Compaq Tru64 UNIX) has a
DFS (or AFS) file system. It has a file system called AdvFS, but I don't
know if that is what the samba documentation is referring to....  which
leads to my question?

Does anyone know whether I need to use the --with-dfs option? (and under
what circumstances?)

Any other useful advice?


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