Do group policies work ?

Simon Kelsall simon at
Mon May 8 08:39:37 GMT 2000

Hi there,

I'm having problems with Windows 98 clients not implementing group system
policies. I'm using Samba in a school and want to set system policies for
each year group.  Has anyone had any success with these ?

Users log in and the logon script executes which maps there home drive to a
Windows drive letter. As far as I can tell roaming profiles are working fine 
desktops etc are being saved to their home drive.

I know the config.pol file is being read from netlogon because if I add an entry
for an individual it gets implemented, but when I add a group I get nothing.

Each user is only in one group and if I limit access to a share by group that works

All help or ideas appreciated as I think I'm going round in circles now.


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