Unicode in client? (was c cedilla problem)

Jose Gabriel Marcelino gabriel at maquina.com
Mon May 8 05:53:25 GMT 2000


A few days back I wrote a message to this list complaining about c cedilla
problems in filename with Samba as a client to WinNT.

I got no replies, but after a better look into the problem, I found out it
wasn't the ç "c cedilla" that was the problem, but the ã ("a" tilde) that
follows it in (too) many Portuguese words.

After hours of protocol traces with samba and Win95 I have discovered that
when acting as server for smbclient, WinNT does not propely send ã ("a"
tilde) but sends a normal NO-tilde "a" instead (I've verified it's CP850
code in tcpdump). However when receiving the file name WinNT expects it to
have the tilde and fails with a File not found error (or worse when it's a
directory) when the tilde isn't there.

This is a killer with smbtar since there is NO way I can make it guess
wheter an "a" in a filename has a tilde or not. I can't make backups of
WinNT from the reliable Linux box. This sucks.

This is very illogical since other accents are treated just fine, but I
guess we can tipically expect these bugs from Micro$oft.

The only way WinNT works (and that's how Win95 can work with this
stupidity) is when using Unicode filenames. 

The sad thing is from what I saw in smbclient's code, Samba is a long way
from supporting Unicode in smbclient. If no one is working on it, I can
try to patch something up that will do it (Unicode has a nice mapping to
ISO8859-1, which makes things easier).  

If someone is working in Unicode for the client, let me know!



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