smbclient/session request failed

drp at drp at
Sat May 6 16:17:11 GMT 2000

I've uncovered a source of 'session request failed' errors when attempting
to connect using smbclient.  It's related to the /etc/hosts file.  When an
entry for the localhost is missing session request failures result.
Everything works smoothly when	localhost

is added to /etc/hosts.  I've been setting up a local network using
linuxconf.  Somehow during the configuration process linuxconf was listing
the server name as an alias for the localhost, which means that when I got
around to setting the primary name + domain for the server it would replace
the above line rather than making an additional entry in /etc/hosts.

If anyone has any thoughts or explanations for why the above entry is
required I'd love to hear them.

Dave Perkins

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