Am I trying the wrong things?

David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at
Thu May 4 16:02:59 GMT 2000

I'm having some small trouble getting my local lan running the way I
want.  I have two samba servers, Windows 95, 98, and NT Workstation
systems on it (which are also doing some peer-to-peer sharing).  It's
all one IP net; there's an ethernet switch in the middle, and a couple
of peripheral hubs each connected to that switch.  Note that I do NOT
have an NT Server system; I'm not running domain security.

I've tried a million things, and most of them have sort of worked one
way or another.  None of them has worked all the time for everything
yet.  (Generally some systems can't browse to other systems; which
ones varies.  Sometimes access control doesn't work either.)

I think it's very likely, by now, that I have my configurations so
hacked around on various systems that I need a really clear plan, and
need to go carefully reset everything to match this plan and start

So I want advice about what this clear plan should be.  Should I try
to force one of the samba servers to be the master browser?  Should I
run one of them as a WINS server?  Should I enable DNS  in the tcp/ip
properties on the windows boxes?  Should I enable WINS in the tcp/ip
properties on the windows boxes?  What samba security level?  And so
forth; there seem to be about a million decisions to make, and it's
not very clear to me what the consequences of each choice are.  

What are the right settings to make a small network like this work? 
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