SAMBA digest 2512 / 2.0.7: unsolicited oplock break reply

Axel Neumann amn at
Thu May 4 12:59:27 GMT 2000

Giulio Orsero  wrote:

> I've used
> oplocks = no
> for a long time now, because of the famous "oplock_break" error, but I
> decided to give 2.0.7 a try.
[ snip ..]
> - the server is linux 2.2.14/samba2.0.7; it's not the server where I
> used to made oplock_break tests. It's another one on another lan. It's
> used almost exclusively to store an MSMail PostOffice and personal
> mailbox (pst) files (Outlook97/98/2000 of 15/20 users point to it).
> - the client machines are all win9x.
> .. I know MSMail is bad, but it's not my choice :-))
> --
> giulioo at


I have a similar setup here (SCO OS5.05, Samba 2.0.7, NT 4SP6a, Outlook97).

I am using the SCO as mail server accessing it from Outlook via POP3, but 
having my personal mailbox (pst) on the Samba share. I had the oplock 
problem with Samba 2.0.4 - 2.0.6 (not yet tested with 2.0.7). From my 
experience the problem is not only related to Outlook, but it is more 
dramatically. If for instance you have an oplock break with Word you just 
click twice on the save button and it is solved.

>From my point of view the Samba team has enabled "oplocks" and "kernel 
oplocks" by default with introducing Samba 2.0.4, but it seems that the 
features have not been fully tested.

In the smb.conf man page (from 2.0.7) they still mention:

"For UNIXs that support kernel based oplocks (currently only IRIX but 
hopefully also Linux and FreeBSD soon) this parameter allows the use of 
them to be turned on or off."

It seems that it could be worth for somebody to spend some time with the 
problem to fix it.

Best regards,

Axel Neumann

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