NT & Samba "The network name cannot eb found"

David Blackman david at whizziwig.com
Tue May 2 18:05:36 GMT 2000

Hey all-

	I've had no problems configuring my linux box to server SMB
shares to win9X boxes. everytime I try to have a samba server speak to
an NT box, the NT box can see the samba server in the network
neighborhood, view the share names, if I try to open a share, it says

\\Suse\Homes is not accessible
The network name cannot be found.

Why is this?

The networks I've always tried this on have been:
192.168.0.x addresses doing IP-masqing
samba 2.0.6
Windows NT on the windows side.

I'm betting this is a common problem, sorry if this is in a FAQ or a
doc, I couldn't find it.


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