installation issues

Joehnk, John john.joehnk at
Tue May 2 16:29:03 GMT 2000

I am attempting to install 2.0.7 on an Alpha running Tru-64 Unix

I extracted the files and ran  ./configure

I noted no errors so I ran make

Again I noted no errors (I assume they would be evident)

I then ran make install - no errors

I got a huge cup of coffee, then edited the smb.conf and placed it in the
/usr/local/samba/lib directory.  I created the log directory in

I am able to run the testparm against my smb.conf, but only if I am at the
dir that testparm resides in and path to smb.conf.

I appear to have a path problem because I am not able to view man pages, or
issue any comands.

I read the DIAGNOSIS.txt file and completed step 1 as I mentioned.

Step two passed, I can ping my hosts and pc.

Step 3 failed but (at this point) only because the command smbclient is not

I hope that someone can provide some light on this for me.


John Joehnk
Scroll Technologies

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