File Locking suddenly stopped

Hugh Evans hevans at
Tue May 2 15:26:20 GMT 2000

Samba Server (2.0.3) on Linux file server - NT Clients. All of a 
sudden (as of this AM) - multiple clients can open the same file at 
the same time with no alerts - ie. Excel Spreadsheets, Word 
Documents. Until this AM this never used to be the case. What used to 
happen was access was denied or read only. Tried restating (./smb 
restart) - problem persists.

Has anybody seen this before?

What I would like to see happen is if a file is already open - then 
the user gets an alert that the file is open, the file is opened as 
read only, the other user is ID'd (username)  in the alert. How 
should my configuration be to get to this point?

When SAMBA was working - I would get a file in use alert/read only 
but .... I could not get the ID of the user that already had the file 

Hugh Evans
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