Not available through Win98

Niklas Saers niklass at
Mon May 1 23:46:58 GMT 2000

Dear Sirs,
I've installed Samba on most of my boxes which communicate with Windows-computers and they all work very well with various Windows systems, except Windows 98. I go to Run from the start menu and enter \\\disk2 and this should make it connect to the computer (running FreeBSD 3.4 with Samba 2.0.6. However it sais it can't find the network name. When I connect this way to the exact same location with for instance Win2000 it works fine. My username on all the boxes is the same. I have imported the Win98-file into my registry and rebooted. It works great connecting to other Windows-computers in this way, but not Samba. And when I try to connect I don't get a single bit in the logs. Could anyone please help me find out what the problem is?

Sincerely yours

    Niklas Saers
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