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Posted at Apr 28, 2000 04:17 PM

MICROSOFT ON FRIDAY published a key proprietary data
format that has been at the heart of interoperability
questions surrounding "standards-based"
Kerberos security in Windows 2000.

The data format, however, is only for review and
analysis. Microsoft has yet to decide if it will
license the format to either third-party
vendors or developers.

For the full story:

	Ok, so Luke doesn't have to reverse engineer this critter.  I
would love to know what trick they have up their sleeve that makes them
think that they can still decide whether or not to "license" this to
vendors and developers.  It ain't no trade secret now.  They can't claim
copyright on someone else's implimentation.  That leaves patent or
trademark.  I don't see how either is going to help them.

	Has anyone seen the spec yet?  The article did not contain a URL
to the actual spec, if it's been made public.

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