Browsing under NT == RPC protocol error

Torsten Curdt tcurdt at
Fri Mar 31 14:11:32 GMT 2000

>> >My NT clients (thankfully, not too many of them here) appear to be
>> >getting an "RPC protocol error" when browsing the shares on my Samba
>> >2.0.5a server.  They can, however, connect to a share by directly
>> >specifying its path.
>> How many shares do have?
>User home, net logon (for NT domain authentication), several printers,
>and four public shares.

1+1+?+4 = ?

We've run into the same problem after adding a new printer!
When we got back to 6 shares + home + 1 printer + net logon
everything was back to normal!
I've read it somewhere on deja...

Hope I works for you, too. Although this not really
a solution...

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