Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Fri Mar 31 04:13:14 GMT 2000 and mirror sites

mainly a maintenance update: all bzeros replaced, as was done in cvs main
/ 2.0.

readline detection added.  if someone wants to add an autoconf test to
detect -lcurses being needed by solaris readline, please create and send

usrmgr user-account changing is now accepted (on systems compiled with the
default, --with-sam-pwdb=passdb, this means you can set the user's
password and the account control bits: account disabled etc., all other
changes are ignored), i missed out an info level.

there is one field of the SAM_USER_INFO_21 structure that is not well
understood, which is giving grief across the board: AS/U and compatible
systmems may now not work properly, sorry, i don't have access to it to do
the appropriate tests.

elrond updated the libtool scripts so that they should set the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH env. variable correctly, allowing the samba programs to be
started without needing to do make install, you can run them from the
source/bin directory (which i do all the time).

tested on both solaris 2.8 ultrasparc 5 (gcc 2.8.1) and mandrake linux on
x86 (gcc 2.95.2):

profiles work, nt5 beta1, nt4 wks.

password changes work, nt4 wks.

join to domain works, nt5 beta1, nt4 wks.

printing not tested (by me), couple of reports of it not working.

it may not seem like it, i am monitoring the samba-ntdom and
samba-technical lists off of, so please keep the
bug reports coming in.

thanks people,


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