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Jay D. Anderson jay.anderson at
Thu Mar 30 16:04:57 GMT 2000

I am seeing the same problem with nmbd failing to renew WINS
registrations.  The server is running Solaris 2.6, and I am running
Samba 2.0.6 nmbd and smbd from inetd.

Everything works well for a while.  The renewal interval on the WINS
server is set to 144 hours (six days).  The time is moved back regularly
through the day (it keeps it six days out, I don't see it doing the
"refresh" at half the interval as you mention).  The Samba server
appears to reregister every 20 minutes.  Then the date stops getting
moved back, and the registration entries are eventually tombstoned.  The
nmbd appears to still be carrying out its other functions, but it has
stopped registering with the WINS server.

     "Armstrong, Scott" wrote:
     > We're had some recurring problems with nmbd's on Solaris 2.7
     and Irix 6.5
     > failing to renew their WINS registrations in a timely manner
     causing the
     > records to become tombstoned. While we've solved it by
     issuing "pkill" and
     > "killall", respectively, of nmbd nightly from root's
     crontab, I wanted to
     > alert the authors and other administrators to the problem so
     > workarounds can be implemented where appropriate and,
     hopefully, a fix can
     > be implemented into 2.0.7 before its release.

     Can you investigate what TTL is being returned to the nmbd
     from the WINS server when it registers a name ?

     The way the code works is it registers the name, requesting
     a time to live of "max ttl" from the smb.conf (3 days by
     default), and then gets the TTL from the WINS reply packet and

     sets that as the internal "death time", and then sets the
     "refresh time" to be half the returned value from the
     WINS server.

     Thus nmbd should refresh its names in plenty of time (that's
     the theory). If this is failing I'd like to track it down.


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