samba/nmbd BUG?

Edward Schernau ed at
Thu Mar 30 16:09:23 GMT 2000

I'll ask this again, as nobody has answered or addressed
this issue yet.

2.0.7pre2 (although it has never worked)
Intel Linux 2.2.13

Samba server serves as WINS server for 3 domains.  It
joined 1 of the domains using smbclient.  security=domain

I can see entries for the 3 domains in WINS.DAT, and entries
for the 3 PDCs in WINS.DAT.  On the same subnet as the samba
server, there is an NT3.51 PDC acting as master browser.

>From the MS docs, the master browser is supposed to query
the WINS server for a list of domains, to make them browseable
in Network Neighborhood (browse list).

This isnt happening, clients are only seeing their own
domain/workgroups in Network Neighborhood.

Note that server manager,user manager, etc. DO work, i.e. they
show all 3 domains involved, I just can't browse.

So whats the deal?
Edward Schernau
Network Architect		mailto:ed at
Rational Computing		Providence, RI, USA

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