password problem -- or bug?

Chris chrisv at
Thu Mar 30 15:22:00 GMT 2000

> >>Have you tried deleting all *.pwl files on the win9x machine?
> >You have got something there. I just deleted the *.pwl files
> >on my win95 machine. After that I could not succesfully
> >log in without supplying the password. However, when
> >prompted for a password there is an option to save the
> >password in some sort of password list -- and the default
> >is that the password is saved. Thus, the problem will
> My guess is that your pwl files were corrupted (what you saw was not
> normal behavior). If you try saving the password and then using a blank
> password at network login you shouldn't be able to access the shares.
> Samba cannot distinguish between the 2 cases.
> If the problem persists you can disable password caching on the Win9x
> clients, there is a kb article whose number I don't remember...
from MSDN: (Windows 95 Resource Kit, or KB Q137826)

To disable password caching by using system policies
In System Policy Editor, double-click the Local Computer icon. 
In the Local Computer Properties, click Network, and then click Passwords.
Click the policy named Disable Password Caching. 


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