Samba dosn't seem to work when bridging is enabled under FreeBSD 3.4

Shaun Dwyer zeus at
Thu Mar 30 14:11:18 GMT 2000


I have been trying to set up a network bridge on my FreeBSD 3.4 machine (hades),
and as soon as I enable the bridge, Samba stops servicing requests from both
sides of the network.

The following is a 'diagram' to give you an idea of my setup.

|-------|    |----|     |    |------|
|-------|    |----|     |    |-----|

The above should look right if you are using a fixed width font.

what the above represents is my network configuration.
Neptune is connected to Hades via a Cross over network cable (to hades'
secondary NIC) Hades is then connected to the rest of the network via (primary
NIC) a hub. The rest of the network being Charon and Tower.

Tower is a windows98 box, Charon is a FreeBSD 3.4 box, Neptune boots
FreeBSD 4.0 and windows98.

My aim is to have Hades set up as a bridge, so I can get to the rest of the
network from Neptune. This all works. FTP, telnet, etc all works fine. Its only
samba that has a problem.

>From Neptune I can connect to CIFS/samba services on Tower and on charon, and
the reverse is also true.
However, I cannot connect to any samba servies on Hades from any machine on the
network (Neptune, Charon, and Tower). 

In my configuration, I have tried setting the 'interfaces' parameter to the
default (blank) and to 'fxp*' (fxp0 and fxp1 are my NICs), and still have had
no luck.

After checking the log files (and setting the log level to 10) I can't see
anything about any requests being made, let alone rejected.

The ability to do bridging is important, as I often goto lan parties and need
fast access to hades from neptune. Most places I goto only have a 10mbit
network. :-(

I havn't had time to do any packet sniffing yet, but I think that will be next
on the list of things to do. If I have any luck getting this going, I will let
send another e-mail to the mailing lists on how I tackled the problem.

I Suspect that this is a configuration issue with samba, and not a
configuration problem with the bridge (or anything else) as all other servies
work fine.

If any one can help me, or give me any suggestions, it would be much


(as I am not subscribed to the mailing list, please e-mail me directly)

Shaun Dwyer
Zeus at

Shaun Dwyer
Zeus at

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