Printing problems

Micha Kersloot micha at
Thu Mar 30 15:06:33 GMT 2000


I've got 2 problems with printing with HP Network printers and Samba. I'm
using an logon script (logon.bat) with :

# connecting to hp5 jetdirect
net use \\server\hp1 lpt2:
# connecting to hp2000 jetdirect
net use \\server\hp2 ltp3:

The script returns with an error on the second line (unable to find share
<abort><retry<fail>). If you choose fail, the connection is made and no
other errors occure. Has anyone seen the same problem?

The second problem is with queueing. When two users are printing at the same
time, only the first users document is printed. I'm using lprng with the
default configuration as from the HP JetDirect manual.

With kind regards,

Micha Kersloot
KovoKs Automatiseringspartner

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