SAMBA and printing to NT

Stefan stefan2 at
Wed Mar 29 23:58:54 GMT 2000

Hello All,
I joint my linix machine into the DOMAIN1 but my printer is in DOMAIN2 there is
no trusrelationship in beetween them.

At the moment I can not print to the printer in DOMAIN2. However If i change the
entrie to workgroup=DOMAIN2 (smb.conf) I can use the printer. 

The weired thing is when I try to print while still having DOMAIN1 in smb.conf
the print job shows up in lpq and than disapears but get never printed ????
Where dose it go??

How can I tell the printing script no to look into smb.conf and just use the
workgroup DOMAIN2 ?? Which script is doiing that ?

I am using SUsE 6.3

Thanks a lot


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