Samba 2.0.6 Interfaces

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Wed Mar 29 13:27:43 GMT 2000

We're had some recurring problems with nmbd's on Solaris 2.7 and Irix 6.5
failing to renew their WINS registrations in a timely manner causing the
records to become tombstoned. While we've solved it by issuing "pkill" and
"killall", respectively, of nmbd nightly from root's crontab, I wanted to
alert the authors and other administrators to the problem so similar
workarounds can be implemented where appropriate and, hopefully, a fix can
be implemented into 2.0.7 before its release.

I've been conducting some tests to try to improve responsiveness for our
clients. We are using ATM connected servers  - and in lieu of MPOA, I've
been experimenting with multihoming the systems on each subnet. I've tried a
number of combinations of interface settings in an attempt to get all the
interfaces (LANE and CLIP) to register in WINS and I'm unable to do so. I've
tried specifying the interfaces as "el* ci*", "el0 el1 el1:1 ci0",
"x.x.x.x/24 y.y.y.y/24", but no combination has successfully registered all
IP addresses in WINS. 


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