Martin Trcka mtrcka at smpas.cz
Wed Mar 29 11:06:00 GMT 2000


i have a user, say userA, which has a valid account (/etc/passwd) on my RH 6.1CZ
box, as well as samba one (/etc/smbpasswd).

userA logs into his win98 box as a userB, which is unknown both to samba and
unix. So I put a new record in /etc/smbusers like this:
userA = userB

afterwards I have restarted samba server, but the user still cannot connect to
his samba shares if he use userB as his login name when connecting to windows
network. When logging as userA, everything is correct.

in the log for this user i have following:
 Couldn't find user 'userB' in UNIX password database. 

which is correct ofcourse, but why samba doesnt remap username according to
/etc/smbusers ?

Any idea what I am doing wrong ?

Thanx in advance...
"...Naucte se milovat sve problemy"

Martin Trcka, sysadmin at SMP, a.s.
mailto: mtrcka at smpas.cz

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