Something about Upper/Lower-case

Hans-Henrik Andresen hha at
Wed Mar 29 11:04:53 GMT 2000


We are using SAMBA on Solaris and AIX and discovered a funny
thing. (A bug ??) (We had tried on a Linux-box as well and have same

SAMBA AFTER VER. 2.0.0 returns the full path in both UPPER and LOWER case,

eg. DRIVERLETTER:\DIR\DIR\DIR\filename.txt

This is a problem for us do to Unix case-sensitive.

Our devel.dep. wrote a litle program using this routine (From the helpfile
from Visual Studio 6) And its    status.m_szFullName    there is the

Hope someone can help me / correct me.

Hans-Henrik Andresen
Project Manager
Pine Tree systems
hha at

PS: Tried to send a bug-report, but my mail return'ed

BOOL GetStatus( CFileStatus& rStatus ) const;

static BOOL PASCAL GetStatus( LPCTSTR lpszFileName, CFileStatus& rStatus

Return Value

TRUE if the status information for the specified file is successfully
obtained; otherwise, FALSE.



A reference to a user-supplied CFileStatus structure that will receive
the status information. The CFileStatus structure has the following

CTime m_ctime   The date and time the file was created.

CTime m_mtime   The date and time the file was last modified.

CTime m_atime   The date and time the file was last accessed for

LONG m_size   The logical size of the file in bytes, as reported by the
DIR command.

BYTE m_attribute   The attribute byte of the file.

char m_szFullName[_MAX_PATH]   The absolute filename in the Windows
character set.


//example for CFile::GetStatus
CFileStatus status;
extern CFile cfile;
if( cfile.GetStatus( status ) )    // virtual member function
      #ifdef _DEBUG
         afxDump << "File size = " << status.m_size << "\n";
char* pFileName = "test.dat";
if( CFile::GetStatus( pFileName, status ) )   // static function
      #ifdef _DEBUG
         afxDump << "Full file name = " << status.m_szFullName << "\n";


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