May be a bug

Andrew A. Razdolsky rand at
Wed Mar 29 05:28:28 GMT 2000


I'v noticed that when i set a Samba as a DMB for
a group as follows and turn off WINS support. Samba
server never be elected as DMB for a group. Things are 
changed when i turns on WINS support. nmbd never goes
to stage2 - become_domain_master_stage2. As a WINS server
in stage2 at few seconds.

  workgroup		= GRP1W

  wins support		= no
  wins server		= my_main_wins_server_ip
  wins proxy            = yes
  dns proxy             = no
  domain master         = yes
  local master          = yes
  preferred master      = yes
  os level 		= 255

	Samba  2.0.7pre2
	Linux  2.2.14, 2.0.3x

   - Best Regards,
	  Andrew A. Razdolsky
	  Network Operation Center

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