ppp and Samba

Matthew Halliday matthewh at fesa.co.uk
Tue Mar 28 13:57:25 GMT 2000

I'm setting up a dialin server using our Linux server which runs Samba
and authenticates against Windows 95 and NT 4 Workstation clients.  I
need to set it up to run the login script and map the Samba shares
across the dialin connection as most of the remote users don't know ftp
and telnet.  At present, logging in with NT brings up the following

NetBEUI CP reported error 733: The PPP control protocol
for this network protocol is not available on the server.

Windows 95 logs on no problem.  I also need to enable clients to see and
be seen on the network.  Where should I run Samba login from?  Any ideas

Thanks in advance

Matt Halliday
ps.  This is going out on the ppp list as well - so sorry if you get
this twice!

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