Jeremy Allison jeremy at valinux.com
Tue Mar 28 03:34:39 GMT 2000

Oliver Rehmann wrote:

> Samba does not correctly return the volume name back to win2k.
> In the man pages it is written that by default the sharename is returned as
> volumename.
> This works fine for Win98 and NT4 but not for Win2k.
> If I say "label v:" (needless to say that v: is my samba drive) from Win2k I
> get the following result:
> ==========================================================================
> Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.2195]
> (C) Copyright 1985-1999 Microsoft Corp.
> H:\>label v:
> Volume in drive V: is ???                             <=========== WRONG !
> The label should be "privat" not "???"
> Volume Serial Number is 0A82-0A10
> Volume label (ENTER for none)?
> ==========================================================================
> For sure the label is not "???" ! Win2k simply doesn't get a correct answer.
> I have a software which does image cataloging (Thumbs Plus v4.1) which
> hardly relies on volume labels.
> The software works fine on my Windows 98 system. If I access the same
> database (from Thumbs Plus)
> from Win2k with the same drive (v:) mounted to my Redhat Linux System Thumbs
> Plus does not
> recognize the pictures on this drive as already cataloged. This works fine
> between Win98 and NT4.
> The keyword   "volume = privat"   in the share section of my smb.conf file
> doesn't help neither.
> ANY idea ????

Yep - it's *another* Win2k unicode bug.

I've fixed it for 2.0.7 in the CVS tree.


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	Samba Team.

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