NT => NetBSD 1.3F/Samba2.0.6 is slow

Pete Flugstad pete_flugstad at icon-labs.com
Fri Mar 24 18:21:52 GMT 2000


  I'm seeing problems with an NT box accessing Samba 2.0.6 running
on NetBSD 1.3F.  The exact same setup accessing Samba 2.0.5a running
on NetBSD 1.4 works just fine.

  Specifically, I have one of the shares mapped to a drive letter on
the NT box and when I use NTEmacs to open a file on the share, it takes
upwards of a 60 seconds to open the file.  During this time, the smbd
process associated with this share is running 100%.  After about 60
seconds, the file opens, and everyone's happy.  

  Similarly, an application generates a file and goes to write it to
the share, and it takes a long time for the write to happen.

  The exact same scenario, running against essentially the same samba 
setup (actually using an older samba: 2.05a) on Netbsd 1.4, works just
fine, no delay, nothing.  The smb.conf files are literally identical.

  The only other thing to note is that there are about 100 files in the
directory that I'm reading/writing from.  I know this occasionally might
be an issue which is why I mention it.

  I'm going to send a similar message to the NetBSD folks, but I'm 
wondering if anyone here has seen this problem and knows of a workaround.

  Please SEND REPLIES TO ME DIRECTLY, as I don't read this list normally.


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