Samba Web Site - outdatedness

Peter Polkinghorne Peter.Polkinghorne at
Fri Mar 24 13:58:55 GMT 2000

I realise that Samba is a voluntary effort and keeping Web Sites upto date may
not be everyone's favourite occupation, but there appear to be a number of
things missing or wrong:

a) There is no contact info for the WebSite I could discern - hence posting

b) There is still reference to samba-bugs at address - which I have
been informed by it, is now dead.  So may be this could be updated?

c) Nowhere is there reference I could find on the site to:

... is this meant to be semi-secret?

d) The Samba Survey appears to have been broken for sometime - I would suggest
either fixing or removing.

I hope this does not come across too negative - I like Samba and use it a lot.
I just think a more uptodate Web Site would help everyone.

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